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The New Standard
in Food Nutrition

“ Feeding Today for a Better Tomorrow"


The global snack bar market size was estimated at USD 20.15 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to nearly 28 billion by 2025.

Rising awareness about health and fitness and resultant preference for healthy snack products is likely to be among the key factors boosting the market growth.

High nutrition value of these products is also expected to augment their demand over the years to come.


New technology that allows for better options and better nutritional values are essential for the future in building a better health bar.


Nano technologies are just now hitting the market in a variety of fields.

Many well-known prominent manufacturers fall short when it comes to advancements in raw nutritional value.


Food Science Group and its partners are leading the world with nano technology and other advancements in high value food nutritional solutions that will lead the market in not only nutrition, but in cost reduction per square foot in manufacturing.


In terms of market share, North America holds a dominant position followed by Europe. Higher number of health- conscious people and their changing lifestyles are the factors boosting the product demand.

A Diet Lifestyle

In 2022, nutrition bars that address a keto-friendly diet, intermittent fasting, and meal replacements are also gaining traction. Two out of five US consumers report they followed a diet over the past year, but fewer did so for appearance. This indicates certain diets are becoming more of a lifestyle choice to support health. Keto bars are among the fastest-growing bars in this segment. All FSG bars are Keto friendly and most are even vegan!


42% of US consumers grocery shop online once a month or more now (compared to 33% in 2020 and 27% in 2019)—particularly younger consumers and parents.8 Bar sales will continue to be affected by the trend in e-commerce, which also includes buying in multipacks versus singles and the growth and strengthening of direct-to-consumer relationships.


Consumers are looking at food for more than just its nutritional value. They look at it on how it can help with stress, immunity, fatigue, heart function and brain functions. FSG and the nano science formulas allow for nutrition to assist in all these areas and more!

Manufacturing that Targets YOUR Biological System through Nutrition



Reduction of Cardiovascular Risk Factors

 Anti-Inflammatory Modulation

 Reduction in Pathogenic Lipid Profiles

 Reduction in Pathological Signaling Cascades


Enhanced Cellular Fuel Diversity & Delivery

 Bioenergetic Keto Acids

 Multi Chain Fatty Acids

 Fermentable Starches and Fibers

 Channeled Signaling Cascades

 Channeled Anti-Proliferative Nutritional Substrates

 Strategic Enzymatic and Peptide Signaling

Amelioration of Energetically Compromised and Metabolic Bioenergetic Pathways

Insulin Resistance

Fatty Acid Disorders

Endocrine Signaling Anomalies/Environmental Endocrine Disruptors

Metabolic Shift Towards Lipolysis and Protein Synthesis

Repair and Regeneration of Neurological Tissues and Pathways

Repair of Nutritionally Compromised Pro-Oncogenic Circuits

Positive Modulation of Neurodegenerative/Neurotraumatic Events


Physiological Remodeling

Amelioration of Environmental Endocrine Disruption

Reduction of Adipose Tissue and Associated Unregulated Endocrine Modulation

Accrual of Metabolically Active Skeletal Muscle

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


 400% more efficient per square foot than traditional manufacturing.


500% less direct cost per hour per square foot than the industry standard

1 M

Bars a day production capabilities by 3Q 2022


We have hundreds of products available in various combinations for you to design for your nutritional needs



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